What Is MasonPeptide1™?

Posted by Hunter Somervile on

What Is MasonPeptide1™?

MasonPeptide1 , or MP1, is only found in SkinMason products.


Quite honestly, we weren't happy with some of the ingredients that were available to use in our products.

We thought we could do better and that men deserved better, so we invented our own!

SkinMason co-founder Dr. Hussein Kanji teamed up with some of the most accomplished scientists in the skincare world to create a brand new peptide. Something nobody has ever seen before.

After several attempts, we landed on what's now officially called MasonPeptide1.

Yeah, we have a peptide named after us! And it's a powerhouse.

On its own, MP1 attacks the bacteria that causes blemishes. Even better, it works synergistically with Salicylic Acid (SA), which is another incredible ingredient found in the SkinMason Scrub Pad formula.

Together, MP1 and SA reduce 50% more acne-causing bacteria than SA alone. Meaning you'll see reduced occurrence of blemishes, inflammation, and get rid of dead skin cells when you use the SkinMason Scrub Pads. 

We believe that our unique approach to men's skincare is the best to ensure both the best quality products as well as the best results for anyone who uses our products.

We also believe that a simple skincare routine is the only way we can get most men to take better care of their skin. That's why using SkinMason takes less than a minute per day to use, and we guarantee results, or your money back.